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Panel Discussion – Professionalising Art Practice


Having the calling and commitment to being a visual artist is key, but how do you professionalise your art practice?”

Bridging Hope Charity Foundation in collaboration with TWT Creative Precinct presented a panel discussion on Professionalising Art Practice. 

Artist Alex Seton, Acting Co-Executive Director of NAVA Brianna Munting, and art-specialist Lawyer Delwyn Everard were in conversation with Art Advisor/Curator Natalia Bradshaw discussing some keys to truly being a professional artist.

Alex Seton stressed the importance of having a concerted business plan that is continually finessed; Brianna Munting exemplified how NAVA membership can providing insurance cover, general tax advice and other mandatories to being a polished arts professional; and Delwyn Everard outlined the issues around business governance, contracts, and intellectual property especially concerning visual artists.

Professionalising Art Practice Talk
L-R: Brianna Munting, Delwyn Everard, Alex Seton & Natalia Bradshaw


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