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At Bridging Hope Charity Foundation, we are inspired to look to an innovative approach in creating culturally relevant mental health initiatives based on considered research and modern technology. We are passionate about partnering with artists and art institutions to promote art as part of everyday wellbeing.


Bridging Hope Charity Foundation commenced a partnership with Lifeline in 2017, stemming from Lifeline’s desire to help build more resilient and suicide-safe communities. Over the next three years, we will be supporting Lifeline with a new initiative; the research and development of a culturally appropriate 24/7 crisis support service for Chinese communities within Australia.


Bridging Hope Charity Foundation’s partnership with UNSW is exciting as it complements our philosophy of supporting emerging artists. Nurturing artists in the early stages of their careers is integral in creating healthy and happy communities.

UNSW Art & Design is recognised as one of the world’s leading art and design schools, with an outstanding record for producing critically acclaimed artists, designers and media creators. We feel privileged to be able to help support the immense talent that is coming from this institution; and we are very excited about a range of programmes which we will look to become involved in over the coming years.


Bridging Hope Charity Foundation’s support of the Biennale – Asia Pacific’s leading contemporary art event – is the first major arts sponsorship for our Foundation.

We look forward to experiencing the 21st Biennale of Sydney as it brings the work of artists from around the world to multiple Sydney venues in 2018. Bridging Hope is proud to support one of the most exciting contemporary art events in the region, that allows free access for audiences of all ages to the work of Australian and international artists.

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