Strategic Plan 2018-2020

Mental health and the arts are the two pillars of Bridging Hope Charity Foundation. It is the intention of the foundation to connect friends, families, colleagues, artists and mental health professionals to provide an opportunity for the community to live in a culturally vibrant and healthy society.

Bridging Hope Charity Foundation commenced its partnership with Lifeline in 2017, stemming from a desire to help build more resilient and suicide-safe communities. Over the next three years, the Foundation will be supporting Lifeline with a new initiative: the research and development of a culturally appropriate 24/7 crisis support service for Chinese communities in Australia.

Bridging Hope Charity Foundation is committed to supporting local new and emerging artists, operating within the TWT Creative Precinct in the Lower North Shore in Sydney, with the announcement in March 2017 of a three-year extension to the program of the heavily subsidised creative spaces in which artists may create work.

In the first significant arts sponsorship for the foundation, Bridging Hope Charity Foundation will support the 2018 Biennale of Sydney as a Major Foundation, establishing a cultural partnership that is built on a shared value of enriching our community through creativity.

Bridging the twin pillars of mental health and the arts, Bridging Hope Charity Foundation is also the Principal Supporter of UNSW’s inaugural The Big Anxiety Festival, with a program spanning 60 events across 5 themes and 4 locations within the Sydney metropolitan area.

This Strategic Plan outlines the foundation’s key strategic priorities for the foreseeable future – we are excited to put the plan into action.

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Bridging Hope Charity Foundation Strategic Plan

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