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Bridging Hope

Feature Artist – Spotlight on Hiromi Tango


Artist: Hiromi Tango
Artwork: Lizard Tail (Breaking Cycle) #3

Born in Japan, Hiromi Tango now lives in Australia. Using art as a vehicle to contribute to community and personal wellbeing, Tango often invites others to participate in her practice as in Breaking Cycle (Lizard Tail) where objects and offerings have been woven to create a ‘lizard’s’ tail. Tango explains ‘What if we had the power of the lizard to separate parts of ourselves and leave them behind? Could we heal our trauma and regenerate our minds and hearts?’. Tango’s lizard tail is a metaphor for the physical act of shedding past pain and experiences and pointing to the wondrous curative ability of art.

Hiromi Tango will be featured in Holding a Deep Breath exhibition – a part of The Big Anxiety Festival – channelling an empathic dialogue of breath between plants, humans, and landscape.

Bridging Hope