Spotlight on Judy Millar

Bridging Hope

Feature Artist – Spotlight on Judy Millar


Artist: Judy Millar
Artwork: Split Ferryman

1 August 2017: Why would a charitable foundation have an art collection? Having run a global property and investment business with headquarters in Beijing and Sydney, Tina Tian has dedicated the past several years to founding and setting up the Bridging Hope Charity Foundation (BHCF).

Focusing on encouraging wellbeing, BHCF has a significant and enduring impact in the Foundation’s two main pillars, mental health and the arts. A concerted art collection is housed in the BHCF office – supporting artists and rotating the artworks is part of the cultural vibrancy and healthy community which BHCF actively supports and provides. The growing collection includes artworks from some of Australasia’s most significant artists whose work deals with wellbeing and mental health. Our first feature is on the work of Judy Millar:

Judy Millar is one of New Zealand’s most famous artists, having represented New Zealand in the 2009 Venice Biennale. This dynamic work represented Millar’s curiosity about the edge of physical and mental states, where the line exists, and the relationship between our mental and physical states. The artist says, ‘We live our lives constantly juggling these worlds but they can seem pretty contradictory. All the most important moments of our lives – falling in love, losing somebody, death – are times where we encounter this edge’.

Artwork Courtesy Sullivan + Strumpf Fine Art

Bridging Hope