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‘Sworn Sisters’ Exhibition at Vermilion Art Sydney

Vermilion Art’s exhibition Sworn Sisters features works by Chinese contemporary female artists and explores the complex and changing role of women in Chinese society.

Chinese art has a long history, and contemporary Chinese art is at the forefront of the contemporary art scene globally. Vermilion Art is the first commercial gallery focusing on contemporary Chinese art in Australia.

Sworn Sisters, an indirect translation from the Chinese Nüshu, which means literally, women’s writing, aims to challenge stereotypes of Chinese women as submissive and passive homemakers. Featuring works by Chen Qingqing, Feng Ling, Geng Xue, Hu Ming, Li Lin Lin, Luo Yang, Cindy Ng, Rose Wong, Xiao Lu, each artist brings unique perspectives to the question of what a modern Chinese woman is in a China that is rapidly transforming itself economically, socially and culturally.

The exhibition features young, up and coming Chinese female artist Rose Wong and one of China’s best known female performance artists Xiao Lu. Xiao Lu is a Chinese artist who rose to worldwide recognition following her participation in the 1989 China Avant-garde Exhibition with her work, Dialogue. Two hours into the exhibition, she shot her own work with a pellet gun and caused the exhibition to immediately shut down. She has continued to produce works with highly personal as well as strong social and political messages.

The exhibition will run until 14 July 2018, for more information visit


Bridging Hope