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Say ‘Masculinity’: Photography and the Mental Health of Men

By Michael Louis Kennedy (Source:

Photographer Paul McDonald is possessed by two things. The first is a set of mysterious and intimate medical slides found by chance at an auction and carried with him ever since; and the second is the very concept of masculinity.

This much is clear only minutes into the first of the two workshops making up ‘Masculinity, Self and Survival,’ McDonald’s event as part of the 2017 Big Anxiety Festival. The event listing promises the exploration of mental health and suicide in men, and at the end of the process we’re to walk away with a unique portrait that we’ll co-create, reflective of our own relationship with the issues discussed. Continue reading full article here.

Content note: This article mentions suicide.


Paul McDonald has 20 years’ experience in photography and is an experienced educator, mentor and curator. He is currently Director of contact sheet, an international initiative promoting excellence and innovation in photographic practice, in St Leonards Sydney and is part of the TWT Creative Precinct.


Bridging Hope