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Bridging Hope

Feature Artist – Spotlight on Yang Yongliang

Yang Yongliang (born in 1980, Shanghai, China) grew up in Shanghai. He was trained as a pupil to traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy since early childhood, later graduated from China Academy of Art in Shanghai in 2003, majored in Visual Communication.

One of China’s rising contemporary art stars, Yongliang is a devotee of traditional landscape painting (shan shui). While retaining the traditional essence, Yongliang adapts to modernity by updating style and content. While evoking traditional ink strokes and lines, the ‘sadness and despair’ of China’s seemingly unstoppable frantic modern cities is conveyed in his man-made photo-video landscape ‘paintings’.

Yang Yongliang
Endless Streams 川流不息
4K Video
Dimensions variable

Bridging Hope